Rich Rippin

Counselling and Therapy in Cambridge

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Counselling and therapy support you to work through your difficulties and move on from feeling stuck.

They help you develop a more honest relationship with yourself. By gaining a deeper understanding of some of the things that are causing you distress – both in the world around you and within yourself – you are able to see things more clearly and in different ways.

I know from my own personal experiences of therapy that it can both offer support in times of acute need, and be a crucial part in our ongoing journeys of personal development.

About Me

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the largest and broadest association for members of the counselling professions in the UK. As such I work with and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework.

I have worked therapeutically in a university setting and in private practice with people from a wide variety of cultures, ages and backgrounds.

I have been working in the helping professions since 2010, where I have provided practical and emotional support to people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties.

As a manager at Centre 33, I worked directly with clients and supported the administration and oversight of the counselling service.

I devised and delivered workshops on mental health, sexual health and healthy relationships, working in collaboration with the County Council Youth Support Service, The Kite Trust and Cambridge Rape Crisis.

I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider.